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Electric Switchgear Noida, Electric Hooter manufacturer, Supplier, India High Voltage Electrical Switchgear is one of the main products of Vaishno Switchgear
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Vaishno Switchgear is engaged in supplying a large range Switch Gear Products
Industrial Hooter
Heavy Duty Foot Switch
Solid State Buzzer
Limit Switch
Ø 22.5mm DIA Series
Cam Operated Rotary Switch
Current Transformer / Shunts
Analog Meter / Digital Panel Meter
Push Button Station (Die Cast & Sheet)
HRC Fuse Base & Carriers Enclosed
high Voltage Switch Gear, India



VAISHNO CFG" Make low voltage current transformers as per IS standard of IEC 60044-1(BSEN 60044-1). CT's convert an alternating current usually high into a proportional lower one, depending on their use. The design of the Current transformer requires the inclusion of a core and winding which will when connected to its rated burden

."VAISHNO CFG" Make CT's are broadly classified into the three groups as per their requirement as under:
  • Current Transformer: An instrument transformer in which the secondary current, in normal condition is use, subsequently proportional to the primary current and differs in phase it by an angle which is approximately zero for an appropriate directions of correction.
  • Measuring Transformer: A current transformer intended to supply indicating instruments integrated meter, relay and similar apparatus.
  • Protective current transformer: A current transformer intended to supply protective supply.
Current Transformer
Current Transformers Exporter, Noida, India

Technical Specification

  • Connection: Two connections on each side. M4 screws with self lifting clamp strap assembly.
  • Insulation Class: E (120*C Max.).
  • Operating frequency: 50Hz.
  • Rated Burden: 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2.5, 3.75, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 100VA.
  • Ambient Temperature: -20*C to +45*C.
  • Thermal short circuit current: 40XIn for wound type CT and 60XIn for bus bar type CT.
  • Instrument security factor: 2.5, 5, 10.
  • Accuracy Class: 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1.0.
"VAISHNO CFG" Make DC Shunts are available for current ratings from 5A to 15000A with mV drops of 50-150mV. DC shunts are manufactured with Stringent Quality Control confirming to IS: 1248. Shunts consist of manganin rods/wire/strips soldered or silver brazed to Brass/Copper Blocks. The Shunts are artificially aged after manufacturing, and then tested on full load.
Technical Specification  
  • Accuracy Class: 1 or 0.5.
  • Over Load: Shunts are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 120*C without any permanent alteration in physical or electrical properties. Over loads and faults which results in temperature of this magnitude can be safety handled.
  • Temperature Coefficient: 0.002% per degree centigrade, above ambient temperature in still air, with free ventilation, temperature not exceeding 120*C at the centre and 90*C at the ends.
  • Insulation: Shunts are supplied un-insulated and protection against contact should be installed where applicable.
  • Over Loads (Brass Ended): Continuous 1.2X Rated Current, 5seconds 4X Rated Current up to 30Seconds.
    5Seconds: 10X Rated Current up to 5Seconds
  • Ambient Temperatures- Calibration- 20*C
  • Working Range-20*C+60*C.
Shunts are used for measuring current in DC Applications by connecting them to moving coil panel meters, Digital meters or other measuring device. Shunts can also be used in control devices such as power supplies and battery chargers or for load protection.  
Current Transformer
Current Transformer Current Transformer

Vaishno Switchgears has expertise in manufacturing Current Transformer & Shunts. Our plant is in Noida (Delhi NCR, India). Vaishno Switchgears supply it’s product in almost all states of India.

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