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Electric Switchgear Noida, Electric Hooter manufacturer, Supplier, India High Voltage Electrical Switchgear is one of the main products of Vaishno Switchgear
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Vaishno Switchgear is engaged in supplying a large range Switch Gear Products
Industrial Hooter
Heavy Duty Foot Switch
Solid State Buzzer
Limit Switch
Ø 22.5mm DIA Series
Cam Operated Rotary Switch
Current Transformer / Shunts
Analog Meter / Digital Panel Meter
Push Button Station (Die Cast & Sheet)
HRC Fuse Base & Carriers Enclosed
high Voltage Switch Gear, India


"VAISHNO CFG" Make analog ammeter and voltmeter having a standard of IEC-60414 and of IP-52 degree of protection. This is our most common panel accessories having a dimension of 96X96 mm measuring devices that are designed for flush-mounted installation on doors, wicket doors and front plates of enclosures and cubicles.
  • Analog Ammeter: The ammeters measure in amps the current flowing through an electrical circuit.
  • Analog voltmeter: The voltmeter measures in volts the potential difference of an electrical circuit.
Analog Panel Meter Manufacturer, Electric digital panel meters, India
Analog Panel Meter Manufacturer, Electric digital panel meters, India
Common Techinical Data
Accuracy: class 1.5.
Ferromagnetic devices.
Scale length: 80mm over 90*.
Mounting in enclosure or cubicle.
Maximum operating position: 30*/vertical.
Temperature: Operation -25*C to 50*C.
Influence of temperature on accuracy: +-0.003%/*C.
Utilization frequency: 50/60HZ.

Ammeter specific technical data
  • Need an In/5CT to be ordered separately.
  • Interchangeable dials to be ordered separately.
  • Consumption: 1.1VA.
  • Permanent overload: 1.2In.
  • Maximum overload for 5s: 10In.

Voltmeter specific technical data :

  • Consumption: 3VA.
  • Permanent overload: 1.2Un.
  • Maximum overload for 5s:2Un.
Vaishno Switchgear offers Standard Voltmeter and Ammeter which are made to provide accurate performance in varied applications. The electric digital panel meters having superior quality at the most reasonable price in market.
Vaishno Switchgear is manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Digital Electronic Voltmeter. Our manufacturing plant is in Noida (India)..
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